7.0 The First 90 Days

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The first few weeks are key.  Be sure you are ready for the new employee.  If a phone or computer or uniform is required then have it ready.  Don’t hire and have your money and their time wasted not doing the job.  The enthusiasm will die and you will be frustrated.

7.1   Is he or she impressing you?

This is an area that continues to amaze me.  Entrepreneurs make up all sorts of excuses for the new hire:  “I probably didn’t communicate it well.  This is a tough business.  They have a long commute” Well, all that may be true, but are you in the babysitting service?    Do you want someone to ask you questions?  The first 90 days are a good time to see the new employee at their finest.  If they don’t impress you in this time frame what makes you think the future will be better.

7.2  What are your expectations?

Have you clearly documented what your expectations are in the first week, the first month, and two months, 90 days? Yes, it is about writing those expectations down.  Are you looking forward to seeing them and interested in what they have to say about the business?

7.3   Have you communicated quickly?

Don’t wait to inform your employee if he/she is doing well or not.    Let them know and write it down.  There are 4 things to remember with feedback to employees:

What did he/she do wrong?

How can it be corrected?

How long do they have to correct it? (For instance- this problem cannot occur again or you have a week to correct these issues)

What will happen if he /she doesn’t improve?

7.4   Engagement starts early

You want your new hire to feel great about working with you.  Give them the environment to do their best.  You want them to feel a part of the place.  One business I know sends business cards to the home of the person before they start, which usually impresses the new hire.  Also, the new hire often hands the cards out and is already talking about the business.

ACTION ITEMS: Complete the Action Items in your Action Guide.

What do you need to provide to your new hire on day one? (Name tag, uniform, etc)




Describe details of your expectations of the new hire for the first week, the first month, and the first 60 and 90 days.

Week one:

First month:

First 60 days:

First 90 days:

How will you address a new hire that is underperforming? Doing a great job?

The underperforming employee:

The employee doing a great job:

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