Table of Contents

Business Networking should be a required class for all entrepreneurs. Dr. Misner teaches the foundation of the “Right Networking Mind-Set and Skill Set.” You’ll learn “Laser Sharp Networking” techniques that may seem obvious, however, when truly put into motion will have a profound impact on your business. Learn to “Get Referrals that Count” and create “Catalyst Events” that bring together your most influential clients, prospects and contacts.

NETWORKING >> Each section contains key Action Items located within the downloadable Action Guide >> Click to Download Action Guide.

1.0    The Key to Networking

2.0    Get the Right Networking Mind-Set and Skill Set

3.0    “Net-working” from Home

4.0    Laser Sharp Networking

5.0    Don’t Sell to Your Network—Educate Them

6.0    Getting Referrals That Count

7.0    15 Ways Other People Can Promote Your Business

8.0    A Sure-Fire Referral Technique for the “Difficult to Refer” Business

9.0    Catalyst Events

10.0  Take Action!