10.0 Take Action!

NETWORKING >> Each section contains key Action Items located within the downloadable Action Guide >> Click to Download Action Guide.


10.1     Content Review – The Art of Networking

USCFE’s Networking content uncovered critical components of building and maintaining a robust and successful contact network.

Let’s review the most important elements:

o    Law of reciprocity—or “Givers Gain®” approach—How can I help you?
o    Maintain a “Farming” mentality
o    Sharp-shoot, don’t shotgun
o    Hold one-to-ones
o    Combat the Cave-Dweller Syndrome—Get out and network!
o    Teach your network members what your “dream referral” looks like
o    Break your business down into its lowest common denominators
o    Ask specifically for the referral you want

o    Levels of a Referral

o    Go from a referral contact name to a closed deal!  Encourage introductory calls, letters, meetings, promotion and sales

o    Utilize your network by having them:

o    Display literature and products
o    Distribute information
o    Make an announcement
o    Invite you to attend events
o    Endorse your products and services
o    Nominate you for recognition and awards
o    Provide you with leads
o    Provide you with referrals
o    Make initial contact with prospects and sources
o    Introduce you to prospects
o    Arrange a meeting on your behalf
o    Follow up with referrals they have given you
o    Publish information for you
o    Serve as a sponsor
o    Sell your products and services

o    Create speaking engagements with local clubs and organizations

o    Create catalyst events

o    Strategic alliance events
o    Referral recognition events

10.2     Action Items

ACTION ITEMS: Complete the Action Items in your Action Guide.

The challenge is now up to you!

What will you do today to apply the content in this lesson?

Choose three items in the list above, perfect them, and put them into action now.

Here are three suggestions:

1) Educate others about your “dream referral”.

2) Set up one-to-ones with people in your network.

3) Start contacting clubs or organizations about speaking opportunities.

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