5.0 Get Started

Referral Education >> Each section contains key Action Items located within the downloadable Action Guide >> Click to Download Action Guide.

5.1 How should I introduce myself to a Referral Source?

Begin first by going to your lists of people you would like to deepen your referral relationship.

Which ones do you feel that you could most easily refer business to?

Approach them with the offer to GIVE FIRST.

“Hello (successful business person), in the time I’ve gotten to know you, your company and your reputation, I’ve been thinking that I may have some contacts that I can refer to you. Do you think if we spent some time together that would be worth while?” Your opportunity to ask for referrals should happen AFTER you have been able to help them or when they ask “How can I help you?”

5.2 Convert your Referral Targets to Action Items!

You have now developed numerous lists of referral targets in the previous lessons and it’s time to truly build your referral business program.

Start with making your list of the top ten people, companies or situations that you would like to be referred to.  Go back through each lesson and copy the action item lists into your contact management system.  Schedule time to contact each of them individually.

5.3 Potential Advisers and Assistance

As you build your own network of contacts and qualified referral sources, you’ll begin to develop relationships that will expand beyond your imagination.  Always be seeking great mentors and advisers in your local area and simply approach them by asking them to meet briefly with you to give you guidance.  Generally, most people will be glad to offer assistance when asked to do so.