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Generating qualified business referrals requires educating your referral network in a targeted and efficient manner. Learn the secrets that can dramatically boost your sales over the next three to six months in the following Action Guide.

REFERRAL EDUCATION >> Each section contains key Action Items located within the downloadable Action Guide >> Click to Download Action Guide.

1.0     CONCEPTS

1.1     If you provide good customer service, people will refer business to you.  Delusion

1.2     To be good at referral marketing, you have to be a real “people person.” Delusion

1.3     You don’t know “who” they know. Truth


2.1      Your best source of referrals is your customers. Delusion

2.2     The best way to insure referral success is to follow the Golden Rule: treat your referral source the way you want to be treated. Delusion

2.3      People are more likely to refer others to me if I give them a finder’s fee. Delusion

2.4     One of the pitfalls of referral marketing is you have people you can blame if things fall through. Truth


3.1     You can network anywhere, anytime, on any occasion—even at a funeral. Truth

3.2     The more networking meetings you go to, the better. Delusion

3.3     The larger the networking group, the more referrals it will generate. Truth

3.4     The majority of business professionals that get involved in referral groups are seasoned, established individuals. Truth


4.1        Word-of-mouth marketing is always working. Truth

4.2        For networking success, when describing what you do, you should pack the message with everything you do. Delusion

4.3        People who like, care, and respect you will refer your business. Delusion

4.4      If you’re getting all the referrals you need, you don’t need to sell. Delusion


5.1      How should I introduce myself to a Referral Source?

5.2      Convert your Referral Targets to Action Items!

5.3      Potential Advisers and Assistance