4.0 Franchise Industries

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4.1       There are more than just food franchises to choose from.

It still amazes me that when I say the word, “Franchise,” most individuals relate to food… as in hamburgers.  And their next words are; “I don’t want a restaurant.”

Let’s look at a few franchise industries other than food…

Air quality

Computer related

Amateur sports

Decorating, office and home


Dry Cleaning

Bath and tub restoration

Elderly Home Care

Beauty products

Energy product and services

Building and construction

Check Cashing


Furniture restoration

Consulting and financial services

Hair Cutting

Sales training

Home management – real estate

Children product, services, fitness

Ink Cartridge

Clothing and accessories


Coffee, smoothies, and baked goods

Leasing services

Mail based convenience stores

Convenience Stores

Med Spas

Dollar Stores

Motels & hotels

Handyman Services

Moving and storage

Painting Services

Outdoor lighting and security

Lawn Services

Personnel Services

Fire, water, and mold remediation

Pet services



Signs and banners

Printing services

Weight loss and exercise

And these are only a few, there’s such a big variety available.

Then there are different franchise business characteristics.

Consumer based

B2B (business to business)



Home based

Van based

Office based

Owner operator

Semi-absentee owner

Absentee owner

This is also a good time to discuss ways to grow a franchise.

You’ve got options here also.  Most individuals see a franchise as a Single Unit, one store, one location or one specific territory.  It might be helpful to consider Multiple Units to increase the footprint of your franchise including the revenue that can be generated. And guess what, some franchisors give multi-unit discounts.  So you might pay less for units 2, 3, 4, etc.

There are also franchises that offer Area or Regional Developer options, which are territories containing 5, 10, 15, or more units.  The Area or Regional Developer then helps find, train, and manage franchisees to fill up the units.

The next level up is a Master Franchisee where the Master has the right to develop and support sub-franchisees in a specific geographic area.

Again, there are many options.  So what are some examples?  Let’s take a look.

The following franchise examples were retrieved from franchisor marketing materials.

4.2       Consumer based or Business-to-Business (B2B)

Consumer based – Residential cleaning service:

Successful 28-year history. This is one of the premiere names in residential cleaning and now offers carpet-cleaning services as well!  Today’s busy families and active seniors are on the go and need help with their housework. The US Department of Commerce estimates that 80% of dual income households will use a residential service with industry growth of nearly 20%. Franchisees work ON the business, not IN the business (i.e. A franchisee will build the business, not clean the homes).

Due to a well-recognized brand name, owners spend on average 50% less on marketing than other national maid franchisees yet generate BETTER revenues.

Total investment = $150k to $180k (Including franchise fee)

B2B – Office Interior Design:

Exciting opportunity in $200 Million Dollar Interior Decorating Industry. Primarily looking for EXECUTIVE type candidates in the new TERRITORY DIRECTOR opportunity. This Marketer/Manager will develop a team of commissioned designers that will be providing decorating services to clients. The total INVESTMENT for a Territory Director is $170k (including $85k franchise fee for 10 territories) Single units are still offered to strong sales and creative candidates.

Total Investment is $60k including franchise fee of $25k. For a limited time 2 territories are offered for the single unit fee of $25k.

4.3       Retail or Wholesale

Retail – Shipping and Packing Store:

Shipping centers offer packaging, freight, cargo, crating and international shipping in a retail setting. They provide a professional way to pack and ship everything from fragile antiques to large cargo items. An outside sales associate and/or the center owner utilize a consultative selling program to grow the freight and cargo segments.

Total investment = $150k to $250k (Including franchise fee)

Wholesale – Frozen Fruit Bars

Products franchise is primarily a WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTION, home-based business; no retail storefront is required. This is a FUN, full or part time business. There is a second opportunity for increased sales at the many RETAIL EVENTS (such as fairs and festivals) that go on throughout the year. • Low Investment • A Fun, Recession Proof Business! • No Royalties • Low Overhead • No sales or previous experience necessary • Complete Training – All Initial Accounts Provided! • Home-Based • A Family Oriented Business • Flexibility to work Full or Part Time • Flexible Hours – set your own schedule! • No Employees necessary • Working Capital Built In


4.4       Home based, van based, office based.

Home Based – Smoke, Water, Mold Remediation:

This franchise is a Green concept the combines Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)/ Comfort services with the highly profitable Emergency Loss Mitigation industry. This revolutionary mix of recession resistant, non-discretionary services helps consumers’ live cleaner, healthier, more comfortable lives.

The product and service offering has been strategically designed to meet the demand and provide Franchisees with proven solutions for everyday IAQ issues, as well as access to the highly profitable loss mitigation services for emergency fire and water damage situations.

Low-cost business model: franchises can run from home and reduce cost by eliminating the need for back office staff and limiting other traditional overhead expenses, which translates into higher-profit margins.

State-of-the-art business management system: The operating platform automatically provides key business metrics for solid decision making, enables real-time business coaching, and encourages owners to work on the business, not in the business.

Predictable exit strategy: Key business functions are centralized by the franchisor, which builds value in the business and allows for easier owner transitions.

Total investment = $100k to $150k (Including franchise fee)

Van Based – Pet Grooming:

Pet friendly, stress free mobile grooming service. Franchise comes to the pet owners home to clean and groom dogs and cats. We are looking for franchisees who don’t want to wash animals but who can “manage” people who wash animals.

Americans spend over $41 Billion per year on their pets! We are the only worldwide mobile pet grooming service and franchise. Cash business, no receivables, no inventory, no retail real estate, high repeat business, few employees, scalable business. Complete training and turn key business.

Total investment = $75k to $150k (Including franchise fee)

Office Based – Healthcare Services:

This franchise helps people keep parents and grandparents out of nursing homes and in their own homes by providing a full range of Medical and non-medical services. They also provide supplemental allied healthcare personnel to businesses such as hospitals, nursing facilities, clinics and labs. Breakdown of Business: 65% – Medical Homecare 5% – Non-Medical Homecare 30% – Medical Staffing.

Total investment = $150k to $250k (Including franchise fee)

4.5       Be an owner operator, semi-absentee owner, or absentee owner.

Owner Operated – Professional Exterior/Interior Painters:

This painter’s franchise is in the rapidly growing home-services industry. It’s a professional exterior/interior painting franchise that focuses on quality, service and value in a fragmented industry dominated by unreliable independents. The franchisee will manage the business; and painting crews will do the work. The service is in high demand even when the economy is down.

Painting is a necessary expense, not a discretionary one. Existing franchisees are expatriates from corporate America who are capitalizing on their management background and leadership skills to carve out their niche in a booming, yet underserved and fragmented industry. Let’s face it; every residential property will eventually require painting. Of all the companies in the industry, this franchise is the best-positioned brand to meet customer demands for quality, professional painting services, and value.

The owner responsibilities are quite simple: follow the tried-and-true operating systems, keep a watchful eye on customer service, and manage multiple painting crews. Finding experienced painting crews will be one of the easiest parts of the role. They’re sub-contractors, not full-time employees, but they’ll be fully insured. They’ll wear a clean uniform, show up on time, and provide quality workmanship. Plus, all the work carries a warranty. This truly is a different and better company with more opportunity than any other that you’ll find in the industry.

Total investment = $90k to $120k (Including franchise fee)

Semi-Absentee Owner – Automotive Services:

While no one can be all things to all people, this franchise can proudly say that we have been providing a total car care approach for years ahead of the competition. We understand that consumers are looking for “their mechanic” and we offer consumers the qualities of convenience by being in their neighborhoods and delivering a good value by owners who actually know their customer’s names. This, we believe, is the right mix to succeed in the automotive aftermarket. After all, we’re not just servicing cars, we’re serving people. This franchise automotive service mix is a successful combination of car care and car cure, and the work is backed by certified technicians and a nationwide warranty. We are your one stop shop for all your auto care needs. We offer a variety of automotive services to fit your cars needs, including services for air conditioning, brake systems, fuel injection, air induction systems, cooling systems, fluid maintenance, tune-ups, as well as other scheduled maintenance services.

Total investment = $200k to $300k  (Including franchise fee)

Absentee Owner – Men’s Haircutting and Grooming Services:

This franchise is considered to be one of the premier providers for men’s haircutting and grooming services in the country. The media has described us as, “first class stylists, and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere for an overall exceptional experience,” “a cool concept that integrates the best stylists with a unique and relaxing environment.”

Silent-Operator Business. Multiple Revenue Generators: Hair Cutting, Manicure, Pedicure, Mini-Facials, Waxing, Color, Professional Massages, Shampoo, Hot Towel Treatment, Scalp Massage, and much more…Sports themed environment. Clients get a complimentary beer. Attractive Professional Female Employees.  Low investment, with no mark-ups on inventory or equipment.

Total investment = $150k to $250k  (Including franchise fee)

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