Table of Contents

Welcome!  Clearly, you have an interest in becoming a business owner, but you’re not sure if you should start a business, buy a business or buy a franchise.  The Business Ideas Action Guide helps you to identify and uncover critical components to becoming a business owner.  Start now and begin to explore numerous business opportunities, then contact USCFE for one-on-one help to answer your questions.

Are You SEARCHING for a Business Idea? >> Each section contains key Action Items located within the downloadable Action Guide >> Click to Download Action Guide.

1.0       Introduction – Are you SEARCHING for a business idea?

1.1          Why do you want to be in your own business?

1.2          Background – Experience – Knowledge

1.3          Did you ever dream of a business you would like to be in?

1.4          What is ILWE?

1.5          Is the idea light bulb still glowing dimly?

2.0       Create a business or find out what’s for sale?

2.1          Job Market Blues.

2.2         Self-employment reality.

2.3         Start up an independent business.

2.4         Purchase an independent business.

2.5         Working on the money!

3.0      How can I reduce my risks of being a business owner?

3.1         Franchises have been around for over 30 years.

3.2         What’s so unique about a franchise?

3.3         Royalties provide support.

3.4         Explore, validate and plan a discovery day.

3.5         Lenders are willing to help fund a franchise.

4.0      There are 75 franchise business industries to choose from.

4.1         There are more than just food franchises to choose from.

4.2         Consumer based or Business-to-Business (B2B)

4.3         Retail or Wholesale

4.4         Home based, van based, office based.

4.5         Be an owner operator, semi-absentee owner, or absentee owner.

5.0      View the end in mind, but focus on a plan!

5.1         Strategically Plan.

5.2         What does a ‘matrix’ have to do with this?

5.3         Ask Questions!

5.4         Have “meaningful discussions.”

5.5         Only the shadow knows.

6.0       Take Action!

6.1          Use your resources.

6.2         Should you perform research on your own or get help?

6.3         The difference between a business broker and a coach.

6.4         Continue your education

6.5          Books, On-line courses, what are you waiting for?