6.0 Resources

6.1  Now what?

Return to your business plan.  See where the material in this lesson either clarified issues for your plan – or raised more questions.  Where you have more questions, look into some of the resources noted in this Lesson.

6.2  Potential Advisers and Assistance

There are government websites where you can get a deeper treatment of some of the issues.

Copyright Office:  www.copyright.gov.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office:  www.uspto.gov.

Internal Revenue Service: www.irs.gov/businesses/ (for information on starting and operating a business, including employment taxes)

This may also be the time for you to start seeking out advisers of your own, so that you can get answers to your specific situation.

6.3   Additional USCFE Lessons

  • Review all content on USCFE’s website — Learn to Earn!

6.4   Books, White papers, Teleseminars, etc.

  • Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.  It constantly reminds me of the importance of NOT relying on my brainpower alone

Final Words of Wisdom:

You don’t have to keep all of this information in your head.  You just need to have a solid team of advisors around you that can.

Good luck!