Table of Contents

Many entrepreneurs fail to provide a clear, concise and powerful business plan presentation to investors, bankers and advisers.  In this series, you’ll learn specifically how to create a succinct presentation that will grab the attention of your audience.  It takes time to make a perfect presentation, so set goals on your calendar to create, enhance and practice your presentation well before your pitch.

HOW TO PRESENT A BUSINESS PLAN >> Each section contains key Action Items located within the downloadable Action Guide >> Click to Download Action Guide.

1.0   Introduction

  • The two essential presentations we’ll discuss are your “elevator speech” and your formal investor presentation.
  • The “elevator speech” is a short verbal and written presentation that will help get potential investors to consider your plan.
  • Entrepreneurs should have both presentations.

2.0   Market, Need & Solution

  • What is the marketplace problem that needs to be solved?
  • How does your product or service solve the problem better than any alternative?
  • Why does this really matter?

3.0   Marketing, Sales & Distribution

  • How will you realistically develop a distribution network for your product or service?
  • What will it cost to develop your distribution network?
  • How long will it take to develop your distribution network?

4.0   Making Money

  • You’ll sell your product or service for a certain price of X dollars.
  • It will cost you Y dollars to make your product.
  • You’ll have Z dollars of overhead.
  • This means that your breakeven will occur when you sell Z/(X-Y) units at X dollars per unit.

5.0   Team & Payday

  • Part 1: you and your management team, the people who will create a “payday” for everyone involved.
  • Part 2: how much money you’re requesting from your audience and how you plan to utilize it to produce the “payday.”
  • Part 3: what milestones you expect to achieve with the money you’re requesting.
  • And, finally, Part 4: what the “exit” event will be that will create a “payday” for the investors.

6.0   Elevator Speech

  • There is an unmet need in the marketplace and you have a way to fill that unmet need.
  • You have a credible team with a plan to build a successful company filling that unmet need.
  • An investment by the potential investor will permit you to achieve the plan.
  • The success of your plan will produce the desired return the investor seeks.

7.0   Investor Presentation

  • The very first thing you should do is take your current deck of PowerPoint slides, as well as your draft presentation, and run through the presentation.

8.0   Perfect Your Presentation

  • Was the presentation clear?
  • Were the PowerPoint slides helpful or not?
  • Was any part of the presentation confusing?  If so, what did you find confusing?
  • Were the handouts helpful?
  • Were questions answered in an effective and thorough manner?
  • If the group decides not to go further with you, ask them to identify what they thought were the weaker parts of your presentation.  Ask them what would have had to be better to have them reach a different conclusion.